Creating A Custom At-Home Regimen With AnteAGE

Being able to support my clients outside of the greater Los Angeles area is something that is incredibly important to me. Whether you’re able to come in for regular treatments or rely on virtual support, I want each and every person I work with to have a support system and receive product recommendations tailored to their unique needs. These are just a few of the reasons why I created my Virtual Consult service and keep my online store stocked with products I stand behind through and through. 

When Gaby reached out to me asking for assistance on curating a better at-home routine we dove right into learning more about a few key factors that are crucial for me to know. Here’s the lowdown on Gaby:

  • Location: Wisconsin (frigid winter temperatures - yikes!)
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Concerns: Dry cheeks and oily t-zone
  • Goals: Achieve even hydration and kickstart anti-aging best practices

After getting a better feel for her current routine and what she’d like from an improved regimen, I knew I’d want to start her off on a smaller but effective routine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a more complex and larger routine, but there’s something about getting back to basics that can really transform skin. AnteAGE is such a revolutionary brand with amazing ingredients that address a variety of concerns, and I knew I had to get Gaby exposed to what their products offer. Ready to see an up close and personal look at what we tailored for her and her thoughts? Let’s dive in!


From Gaby:

"It’s one thing to do your best to create your own skincare routine on your own and it’s a completely different thing to have a professional select products for you based on your skin needs. Wisconsin is a beautiful state and I love living here, but each season brings something different and my skin has a hard time keeping up with the cold, the dry, the hot, and everything in between. Shekinah helped me understand why she was selecting the products that she did and how each served a purpose based off of what I was telling her about my skin. Receiving my package from Shekinah was such a breath of fresh air and I want to share all about it!

anteage skincare in package box

Just because you know what's headed your way doesn't mean unboxing is any less exciting! I noticed right off the bat that everything was packaged so nicely and organized neatly. Shekinah included my custom routine in a helpful printed out form so that I can review my morning and evening routine and don't have to guess what to do - seriously so helpful. 

AnteAGE is a new skincare line to me but Shekinah informed me how amazing this line is and how effective their products are. The best part? They are medical grade through and through. I'm so excited to finally be on a top tier skincare regimen! My five step routine includes:

  • This cleanser that creates a seamless slip when applying and doesn't leave me feeling stripped or tight, yet still clean. 
  • This exfoliating enzyme that is packed with amazing ingredients for an even exfoliation treatment
  • This serum that consists of peptides, stem cells, growth factors and much more. 
  • This moisturizer that works hard to even tone and texture.
  • This eye cream that has the silkiest application and contains stem cells. 

AnteAGE skincare products on small dishAnteAGE accelerator and serum

Something I noticed from my first application of each product was how hydrating and even everything felt. There were no feelings of greasiness or residue from anything - only a slight tingle from the Regenzyme which is to be expected. Over a few days I also started to notice how much more even my skin was throughout the day. Normally I get quite a bit of oiliness in my t-zone, but that seems to be lessened with the use of these AntiAGE products.

Shekinah really listened to what I told her about my skin and nailed it with selecting this product line for me! I am so impressed by how much of a perfect match it all is for my skin. Don't hesitate to reach out to her - she's got you covered!"

Need Help Creating Your At-Home Skincare Routine?

If you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount of options but are ready to get on a routine that is backed by science, message me! The products I carry and offer to my clients are the products I trust and use on myself. Let's learn about your skin type and goals and work together to create an at-home skincare routine you'll love. 

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