Online Dermaplaning & Oilplaning Course

Hello my fellow Aestheticians and Esti Students! I'm so glad you're here to either uplevel your Dermaplaning techniques or learn Dermaplaning & Oilplaning for the first time. 

My name is Shekinah and I am a licensed Aesthetician with nearly 20 years of experience I have worked in 5-star spas, alongside world famous dermatologists and plastic surgeons, performed facial pop-ups around the world, and most recently opened my own skincare studio in Los Angeles.

The world of skincare is constantly evolving, and in order to provide patients with the best possible outcomes, the treatments and techniques need to evolve as well. Continuing education and technique mastery is a cornerstone of what takes client experience from good to amazing, which is why I developed this online Dermaplaning & Oilplaning course. 

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Refine Your Dermaplaning & Oilplaning Techniques with Master Aesthetician Shekinah

Whether you've been Dermplaning for a while and want a high level refresh and refinement or are hoping to onboard this new service to your spa or clinic, you're in the right place. I wanted to create this online Dermaplaning course so that professionals all over the world could access from anywhere but still feel that 1:1 training that's crucial. You'll receive a high level overview of:

- Benefits of Dermaplaning
- Types of Hair
- Common Myths
- Preventing Breakouts After Dermaplaning
- and many more key topics that will take your Dermaplaning skills to the next level.

You can also preview the full curriculum here

After completion of my online Dermaplaning course you'll feel confident and prepared to bring your elevated technique to your aesthetic practice. In addition, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can proudly display on your wall. Your clients will be loving their enhanced treatments and you'll be loving your enhanced skillset. 

How To Get Started

Click the "Enroll here" button above and fill in your name and email address to register. Remember to type your name as you would like for it to appear on your certificate (capitalize the first letters of your first name and last name!). Next, you will select your preferred method of payment... and you're in!
You can begin the course right away or take your time. Just remember that you have three months to complete the course from the date of registration. I recommend beginning right away and completing the course sooner rather than later so that you can use the remaining time available to access the course as an opportunity for review. 

Dermaplane Course FAQ's

Q: Do I need to be an aesthetician to take this Dermaplaning course? 

A: Anyone can take the course, but it is up to you to make sure that you are following state board rules and regulations, and adhering to the scope within the licensing that you hold.

Q: Will I receive a certificate of completion? 

A: Yes you will! It is very important to be able to proudly display a certificate saying that you have completed training to safely perform this treatment. Seeing a certification of completion on the wall will give you confidence and will immediately give you the trust of your clients. 

Q: Do you offer additional trainings?

A: Additional trainings will be added, and already registered students will be the first to be notified about them!


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